We mitigate business risk through innovative insurance solutions in high-risk areas of the world.

"Fear not the man who practices 10,000 kicks one time; fear the man who practices one kick, 10,000 times." -- Bruce Lee

In partnership with global insurance companies, Lloyd's of London and professional reinsurance markets, Jing An Special Risks strictly focuses on the underwriting and servicing of five niche special risks for growth-minded companies seeking to enter emerging or frontier markets: War and Terror, Cybersecurity, Kidnap-and-Ransom, Marine Piracy, and Emergency Evacuation -- full specialization in a specialized field.

To aid in both preventative and responsive services to these risks, Jing An Special Risks proudly and exclusively retains world-class security and risk experts from Blackpanda and Horangi; the first-ever Asia-headquartered and specialized physical and cyber crisis response companies, out of Hong Kong and Singapore. Blackpanda and Horangi are capable to conduct bespoke and on-site risk assessments with packaged, recurring risk consulting services, which enable Jing An Special Risks to either lower premiums, or to ensure insurance coverage for the client when previously denied.

To adapt a famous Chinese proverb, Jing An Special Risks is as close to Blackpanda and Horangi "as lips, gum, and teeth". Unlike other insurance providers, Jing An Special Risks purely focuses on these products which leverages the expertise of Blackpanda and Horangi every step of the way.

Special Risks is our "one kick". Read more…

© Copyright 2018 Jing An Special Risks. All rights reserved
© Copyright 2018 Jing An Special Risks. All rights reserved