Jing An Special Risks serves a broad spectrum of clients that operate in frontier and emerging markets. We are dedicated to maintaining trusted, long-term partnerships with our clients.


Our clients range from oil and gas operations to gaming, hospitality and tourism businesses. The common thread among our clients is their desire for a trusted, comprehensive and bespoke solution that addresses their concerns around risk in challenging environments. Our focus on frontier and emerging markets gives us an advantage in understanding our clients' issues when they operate in these high risk areas.

Public Sector Clients

Whether it is defense projects in high risk areas or tourist infrastructure development, our team believes deeply in the power of Public Private Partnerships (PPP). It is through these partnerships that truly sustainable operations can be built in emerging and frontier markets.
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Private Sector Clients

Private sector clients can play a significant role in emerging and frontier markets. Our partners and clients take calculated risks when they invest in these environments, and are able to rely on Jing An's ability to provide solutions that enable them to ensure an optimal return on their investments.
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Public Sector Clients

Power and Utilities

The interruption on utilities to the population can have devastating consequences -- a fact well understood not only by those who operate crucial services, but also to those seeking to degrade utilities infrastructure. Industrial Control Systems can be particularly susceptible to cyber attack, and in the event of the unthinkable, a swift, robust and technically capable response will be required.

Large Scale Infrastructure

As with the Extractives and Oil & Gas industries, there is often a large amount of capital and time invested in projects in these industries. Any interruption in buildout may delay commissioning, and thus impact financial performance. These risks are multiplied if the project is located in a challenging environment. Our insurance specialists have the right knowledge of the right markets to be able to deliver the right solution for our customers.


The interruption of the provision of management services to a city or a province, be it resulting from cyber attack or civil instability can be devastating -- not only to reputation but also possibly to life and limb. A carefully crafted insurance solution can mitigate some of these risks, and assist in restoring normal operating parameters through a prompt and proficient response.

Oil & Gas

With rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry faces manifold challenges and opportunities. These operations typically take place in environments where a tailored risk mitigation solution is required. Our focus on delivering localized solutions at international standards enables us to help our oil and gas clients navigate through the changing business environment, manage risks and optimize performance.

Port and Freight Transportation Infrastructure

The interruption of trade can have severe financial consequences. Though a specialized industry vertical, the components within this industry group are vulnerable to a myriad of risks - from maritime piracy for vessels, to cyber or physical attack for port facilities. It is therefore necessary to implement carefully crafted and resilient insurance solutions.

Private Sector Clients

Financial Services

It is a universally acknowledged truth that the regulatory environment for our Financial Services clients becomes stricter by the day. With significant fines and sanctions available to governments and regulators alike, it is of paramount importance that the Financial Services industry seek mitigation of the various risks -- including digital data theft or breach.

Airlines and Aviation

The effects of War and Terrorism on the Aviation industry is catastrophic, as can be witnessed by the numerous headlines in recent years. The impact can be material to both finances and reputation, and often result in sustained, long-term losses. Proximity and overflight can be added to location as factors that can make insuring this risk more complex... but we can help.

Hospitality, Gaming and Tourism

A sudden escalation in risk levels can cast a shadow over people having a good time. The duty of care for the Hospitality, Gaming and Tourism industries to their guests must include their safety. Notwithstanding this, there is a commensurate duty of care to shareholders and investors, and so the sanctity and continuity of business operations, preservation of reputation, and protection of data and finances is just as crucial.


The Extractives industry is characterized by high capital investment costs, sites often located in challenging environments, and products that can be incredibly valuable. The high cost of installation and the long-term commitment of our clients to their sites thus requires not just a bespoke insurance solution, but one with appropriately prioritized response and assistance.

Cruise Liners and Passenger Ships

The financial, business and human consequences of marine piracy can be no less significant than those presented by terrorism or cybersecurity. A JASR insurance solution can deliver the support of a highly experienced response team to assist in the successful resolution of any incident including ransom to be surrendered by or on behalf of the assured to meet a piracy or an illegal seizure demand.

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© Copyright 2018 Jing An Special Risks. All rights reserved